Saturday, April 5, 2014

Summertime Blues

And we thought it was a long cold winter. We ain't seen nothing yet.

With financial coffers wide open thanks to the long arm of their advocates in the Supreme Court,  with the sense that the Democratic majority in the Senate will shortly be but a memory, with the open wound of the health care roll-out still festering despite last week's numbers,  the mid-term Republican blizzard of mis-truths and misdeeds will soon begin in earnest.

Shut down the government, shut off monies for the long term unemployed, take food out of the mouths of babes and the vote from those who oppose you. Kill gun control, treat immigrants like dirt and global warming like a fantasy. Make the President a four letter word and abortion a crime. Protect the wealthy at any(and very substantial) cost to everyone else. Consider the basic right of health coverage for millions of our most vulnerable a grave mistake. THIS is the party much of our country is waiting  to embrace.

Bear responsibility for mandating a course of economic austerity at just the wrong moment,  base your position on financial inclinations that are abysmal and social predilections which are even worse, THIS is the party much of our country is waiting to embrace.

If this the winter of our discontent, I can't even imagine what this summer will be.

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Anonymous said...

So right on. "We ain't seen nothing yet.