Saturday, May 24, 2014

Appointed Round

In response to the threat of rain, our golfing group dropped from 6 players to 2 this morning. This is not the first time this has happened. As self proclaimed leader, I have decided that something needs to be done to stem the tide. Like Commissioner Silver of the NBA, I see an underlying problem that has been allowed to fester and must be eradicated before it infects the entire community. The following is my proposed missive:


Just got a call from Dennis. I think the Commissioner is considering instituting a system of fines depending on when and how often you drop out. I am trying to dissuade him from taking such drastic action, but he can be a very intransigent person. He is not a nice fellow.

I am PLAYING next weekend and have been notified  that I will be $10 lighter in the pocket if I don't show up. I am considering filing an appeal but since there is no one to appeal to, I am hesitant to hire counsel unnecessarily.

Beyond the fine, I am told I will lose mulligan privileges for the next round.There are few sanctions in sport that are as bad as the death penalty exacted by the NCAA on those who violate their mandates. This is one of them. The only punishment more horrific would be to compel me to play summer rules.

I say we advocate for term limits. I believe that the Justices of the Supreme Court should not be given lifetime appointments, for the potential abuse of power is far too great and far too real. So too, in my own tiny universe, someone who would impose such draconian measures upon his subjects should not be allowed unfettered, unlimited rule.

But until that time occurs,  be fairly warned that all those who swear they will appear at their appointed round, much like the postman, face  potential dire consequences should the weather, or some other circumstance unforeseen, intervene and give them reason to reconsider. For as well as I am acquainted with the man who has imposed these potential sanctions upon me, be advised that there is a ruling body of one who also knows your name and where you live.

My son once told me that his boss warned those in his employ that the only excuse for not showing up for work was a funeral. Your own.

Life is sometimes cruel.


Anonymous said...

As the wife of one of the remaining two players left this AM.. I request that ALL negotiations be done QUIETLY in the AM... Thanks..

Anonymous said...

Great, great post