Saturday, August 23, 2014

The President's Vacation and Mr. Foley

Mr. Obama's timing may have been disturbing, but his outrage for the barbaric acts of ISIS and the pain he expressed for the family of Mr. Foley are not diminished by the jarring juxtaposition of his actions.

The pressures on the President are constant and omnipresent.  There is no place to hide, not even a golf course. There is not a solitary day in his presidency or others before him, where critics would not level the most severe of attacks for our Nero fiddling while Rome burns. But Mr. Obama is neither heartless nor irresponsible.

Israel and Hamas, Syria and Iraq ,ISIS, Putin, Ukraine, Ferguson. We must forgive the president his trespasses on Martha's Vineyard as he tries to find a moment's comfort from the storm.

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Agreed! PB