Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Very Clever President and the Unsuspecting Public

("The Impeachment Game")

So we are supposed to understand:
this is all some kind of Machiavellian plot orchestrated by a diabolically clever President, assisted by dimwits masquerading as MSNBC talking heads, to allow governing by fiat by a dictatorial overlord;

that a Republican party which treats governing as a four letter word is somehow not the root cause of this disaster and

that it is not somehow a logical conclusion predicated on the unending drumbeat of character assassinations to which Mr. Obama has been subjected since his first day in office that impeachment is within the realm of possibility.

I am sorry to disappoint, but while this fairy tale might play well at Fox, which really is nothing more than a second home for Republican talking points, it does not ring true for those among us who have been paying attention.

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