Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama's Choice

It was never that President Obama didn't have a strategy. It was merely that finding the right answer appears more difficult than threading the eye of a needle while falling through space.

The salient points are that we are a nation emotionally and financially drained by fighting battles that have meandered for well more than a decade and left more questions than answers. We are the hated foreign invaders, intruders into a world we don't understand and can't control. We have seemingly merely created vacuums, allowing ample space for ongoing tragedy and trauma.

As we find ourselves reluctantly returning with increased force to a region we don't want to be in, with people who don't want us there, dropping our bombs and praying that all the cards somehow miraculously fall into place, there is ample reason for us to wonder and worry where this will lead.

When we can't tell our enemies from our friends without a scorecard, when we may be aiding President Assad whom we have denounced and demonized for decimating his own population, when we speak of arming rebel forces that we ourselves have labeled as unable to change the course of destiny, when all these matters coalesce, we are left with a seemingly unsolvable riddle.

And when most in Congress are reluctant to take a position, but demand that the President stop dithering, we all understand that for him, and for us, there is no good strategy only the one that appears least bad.

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