Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Battles Not Waged

("Republican- Majority Senate Is Starting to Look Likelier")

President Obama is toxic, or so goes the conventional wisdom as we come ever closer to R-day, that seemingly inevitable moment when control of both Houses passes to the Republican party.

Given, it is that most awful of times in a presidency, the six year mid-term election. But the perception of a failed administration, which fuels the potential Republican takeover, is met with less resistance than ISIS encountered when attacking Iraq and Syria or Putin faced when crossing into Crimea.

And for that, the Democrats deserve what is coming to them.

It was for one of your own, Paul Krugman, to take up the defense of a beleaguered Mr. Obama in a recent Rolling Stone article. Is he the only one who sees the successes that have occurred despite the tactics of an intransigent opposition?  For the longest time, it was thought that Obamacare would be the Waterloo of the Democrats in this election, but it is not so. And with one hand tied behind his back, as every attempt to infuse the economy with needed capital was met with howling opposition, the President has managed to steer the economy away from the cliff the Republicans would have pushed us over, and to a prolonged course of steady, if not spectacular, successes.

But there is little of this, or anything else concrete, that passes for a staunch defense of ground taken. Rather, the Democrats are running away from their triumphs quicker than the local armed forces in Iraq and Syria from their opposition. The Democrats have laid down their arms and are at the mercy of the Republican message.

Is it too late for those running to reverse course, show the courage and the conviction to support the President and the policies that have worked, to try to stem the tide of Republican electoral successes? The unfortunate sad truth, to borrow a phrase from that great seer, Sarah Palin, is "you betcha."

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