Friday, October 31, 2014

Governor Christie, Sit Down and Shut Up


Governor Christie, sit down and shut up. The man who loves to castigate, denigrate and humiliate has reached new lows. With his bombast on full display, he insulted the Federal government, Kaci Hickox and Jim Keady in rapid succession this week. If you thought that Bridgegate would have any lasting impact on his oversized ego, you would have been mistaken.

He is a lousy governor. He has responded to fear rather than fact on the Ebola crisis, has refused much needed federal monies to help build the tunnel to somewhere, has overseen the mismanagement of Sandy relief funds, has watched as his state's unemployment numbers increased to among the worst in the nation, has witnessed the state's credit rating cut more times than a porterhouse steak, and has led New Jersey on a journey to a place where its poverty rate is at record highs and foreclosures still move forward in abundance.

Along the way he has embraced an even worse persona. He has attacked, often without cause or on the mere hint of provocation, teachers, legislators, reporters and even the President. He confuses haranguing and insulting with civil discourse. His belittling those who refuse to fall in line, who challenge his mandates and proclamations, is a despicable and oft-repeated demonstration of hubris.

It is a troubling time when someone of this caliber, who has shown himself politically and personally to be so lacking, can entertain serious thoughts of a run for the presidency in 2016.

I would suggest that Governor Christie, for once, listen to the advise he so eagerly handed out to Mr. Keady. Governor, there is a chair in the corner of the room that is waiting for you and a saying that I think you should now fully embrace: silence is golden.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand Christie's popularity. In my opinion, more often than not, he has little or no meaningful facts behind his bluster.
We all know he is comfortable being a bully. Why then, is he so popular?

Robert said...

The unfortunate reality is that he plays very well to a large part of this country not paying close attention to detail, who love someone who attacks so vigorously those who dare to challenge him. The "audacity" of those who question his wisdom does not go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

well said.


Anonymous said...

love your take on Christie bit unlike you I would love to see him run for the Presidency in 2016. As big a douche as he is he could not get through the primaries of the Republican party. That says a lot


Anonymous said...

He is indeed one pompous asshole. I so dislike him, but I hope is is the Republican nominee so we can tell the world all of these things. PB