Saturday, October 25, 2014


("Quarantine Seen As Barrier to Volunteers")

As the governors of New York and New Jersey announce a mandatory quarantine, unsupported by the CDC, by the facts as they have unfolded, or by medical science, we do a disservice not only to those we isolate and stigmatize, but to the public at large.

Our fight is not here but in West Africa. The restrictions we now put in place regarding those who seek to fight the disease at its epicenter, makes it  not only more dangerous for those living in the midst of the chaos but, perversely, also for those among us whom these mandates are aimed at protecting

Governor Cuomo, in first responding to Dr. Spencer's hospitalization, spoke with eloquence and seeming certainty of the limits of the risk involved in the spread of Ebola predicated on the timing of symptoms exhibited by the doctor. His apparent change of heart seems to be a pandering to the worst of fears.

Should there be an abundance of caution? Absolutely. Are there more stringent protocols that should be enacted, beyond the recommendations of the CDC? Possibly. But the actions of Governor Christie and Governor Cuomo are not reflective, but merely reactive, and create unnecessary and counterproductive trauma.

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Michael said...

Politicians must look like they are doing something. Cuomo is running for Governor, and Christiw is running for President!