Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Government We Deserve

("Rules to Vote By" and "Why Do We Re-Elect Them?")

It is the dimwit theory, the "Don't Insult Me With Intelligent Thought". Don't try to persuade with logic, with facts. Don't point to the voting record, the party platform, the statements that are two steps beyond ludicrous. Don't focus on issues like immigration reform, gun control, minimum wage, government shut-down, health care, unemployment, isolationism or intervention, the environment, infrastructure, obstructionism, racial tensions, protecting the downtrodden, reigning in the excesses of the 1% and the too big to fail or even closing Guantanamo. Just doesn't matter.

What matters, for the vast majority of those that decide to take part in the election process, is virtually nothing. Most who bother to pull a lever, punch a hanging chad, fill in a circle, place an "X", or do whatever they do in the polling booth, have not studied, analyzed, questioned or even listened. We are an apathetic and uninformed electorate.

How can anyone in the country be paying attention and still consider a Republican candidate, virtually any Republican candidate, worthy of their trust and their vote? Those running this party rely on voters not connecting the dots from their policy and practices to the effect on these constituent's lives. And the impending Republican control of both the House and Senate is testament to nothing more than our meeting, and possibly exceeding, 
those expectations.

The result of our own shortcomings is that we get the government we deserve, but neither need nor want. And until we stop being dimwits we are destined to more of the same for the increasingly uncomfortable future.


Robert said...

How about reelecting a congressman who is an indicted felon. Hello Staten Island.


Anonymous said...

about eslthly zeroTotally correct. But take it to its final conclusion. We've got the president we deserve too. Elected because it was cool to vote for a black man for the sake of race alone when Hillary was the experienced one. 95% of African Americans voted for BO solely on account of race. Until the present we suffered with GW Bush, the worst president in our history, until today. If not for the failures of the Obama adm. we would not be facing a Republican senate. The republican party was decimated 6 years ago but is resurrecting itself because of the total failure of the Obama administration:
Iraq- rise of ISIS
Scandal and cover-up in Benghazi
Scandal and cover-up in IRS
Failure in Libya
Failure in Iran. Iran will get nukes
Failure in reset with Russia
Failure in Syria
Scandal in Secret Service.
Failure in roll-out of Obamacare, in spite of spending 2 billion for website still not working properly. if you like your dr. you can keep you doctor.
Failure of leadership, leading from behind, and total weakness.
Could go on and on.
So you're totally correct. We get the government we deserve.