Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Republican Party in Power

Maybe it is the second term mid-term curse, maybe the confluence of so many destructive forces in foreign lands that threaten our emotional welfare, maybe the inevitable shifts in the political landscape. But what appears clear is that the Republican party which seemed bent on self destruction in 2008, turned out to be the party of know.

They devised a strategy, a platform which has proved immensely effective. Rather than re-brand themselves, as seemed the obvious response to voter dissatisfaction in 2008, they doubled down. They would not admit their shortcomings but would embrace them. They would not reach across the aisle with an olive branch, but would repel any attempts to join forces. They would not speak of what could be done but what shouldn't be done. They would not build, they would destroy.

Now, it is their turn to play on the swings. For the next two years they will be the ones who will have to prove their merit, or face the possibility of a stinging reversal of fortune in 2016. They will be the ones who are vulnerable, who must convince their Democratic brethren to forget the last 6 years of animosity, to  make amends with a President who they have denigrated and tried to destroy. They will be the ones who must do what has seemed anathema to them, govern.

We understand how good they are at exploiting others' weaknesses. Now we will find out if they know how to locate their own strengths. Or if there are any.


Anonymous said...

Shellacking redux. You give republicans too much credit, although they mostly managed to keep their feet out of their mouths this time. Republicans had a lot of help from democrats. The war on women didn't work as Mark Udall went down and Joni went up. The race card failed too: Look at Love in Utah and Scott in SC. And Obama's "I'm not on the ballot but all my policies are" sealed the deal. But the Democrats had nothing else; no record, no accomplishments, save failure and scandal, to run on. This was a referendum on Obama and democrats ran like hell from him because they knew. There are wider implications for the Clinton's and Liz, plus their other presidential hopefuls in 2016.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that the party that blocked everything Bam wanted to do, made it look like he did nothing, so it's time to get rid of him.

Of course it amazes me more when my colleagues say, "Obama blocked everything the republicans wanted to do."

It will be an interesting two years.PB

Anonymous said...

PB makes a great point. There's little incentive for either party to help make the other look good before the 2016 election. While both sides are saying all the right things in front of the cameras about cooperation today, one naturally would be skeptical that anything meaningful will occur in the next two years. I think the most interesting thing will be what level of bickering and acrimony surfaces and how it will impact the prospective candidates on both sides in their campaigns to win nomination and finally against each other.

The unfortunate result is that continuous gridlock hurts all Americans. In today's press conference Bam said he got the voters message. That's real hopeful change.

Anonymous said...

Every party, Republican or Democrat, always says, immediately after the election, that they got the message.I distinctly recall several Republicans voicing that exact sentiment right after the 2008 election. So much for those statements, or for anything that comes out of politicians mouths in the days after the voting has ended

Anonymous said...

Toral repudiation of the Obama agenda, with losses in Mass. & Illinois on top of a potential 9 seat loss in Senate. Ain't a significant thing gonna happen next 2 years. McConnell and Obama hate each other and can't stand being in the same room.
Ya gotta love Tim Scott and Mia Love giving Charlie Rangel fits!!!! They just ain't black enough...

What a hoot.