Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Spread of Ebola

("The Ethics of Infection")

In what manner did Kaci Hickox, Craig Spencer and Nancy Snyderman act irresponsibly? What known risk did they ignore? Was their crime anything other than not supporting mass hysteria?

Their trial and conviction was nothing more than the result of force-fed fear and discarded scientific fact. There is no basis for Dr. Brewer finding "small cost" in deprivation of individual liberties in exchange for some greater public good. Rather, if the benefit sought was calming frayed nerves, then the approach should have been to support positions based on knowledge not hyperventilated political denunciations.

Today's story is of Kaci Hickox and her partner announcing they are leaving Maine for parts unknown, trying to rebuild their lives. Guilty for speaking up, guilty for trying to educate, guilty for taking on the politicians and platforms predicated not on protecting the public but securing votes.

'The Ethics of Infection" is not the story of the possibility of a disease spreading from improper behavior of those few who have come face to face with Ebola but of the many others who have negligently or intentionally misstated its dangers, thus impugning the integrity of three individuals and infecting 300 million more with the terrible disease known as chaos.

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