Friday, December 5, 2014

Modern Day Racism

There are multiple levels on which the perpetuation of wrongs committed upon blacks is ongoing. Educational and employment opportunities are but a mirage in many communities. Incarceration is merely the next inevitable step in the lives of far too many. Decent housing, access to basic social services, even the opportunity to vote are often scarce or denied.

The signs of innate prejudice and overt racism are evident when a seemingly innocuous situation turns dangerous for a person of color. Shoot first and ask questions later is the standard. We have been conditioned as a society, and remain conditioned to see danger lurking at every moment, on every street corner.

The emotional upheaval that follows the recent events in Missouri and New York is small solace for lives that are so compromised by our treatment and our prejudices.

It is an ongoing national tragedy and disgrace.

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