Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Interview

Kim Jong-un might want to reconsider his position on the release of "The Interview." For a deranged despot, he seemed a pretty likeable fellow. In fact, the actor portraying him was darn good in his role.

The movie itself is another story. It was destined to be one more in a long line of very forgettable movies good for a momentary laugh and then quickly headed for extinction. But not now, not after it became the center of an international imbroglio.

Maybe the masterminds behind this story were not the desperate government of a tyrant but the publicity gurus at the studio. Maybe, this was all a brilliant plot by Sony to give life and length to this film. Maybe there is a movie to be made about the secret tale behind the movie that wasn't and then was.

Or maybe Kim Jong-un just hadn't gotten a chance to watch the picture, and made a hasty ill conceived decision.  For only $5.99 he can get it on demand and let us know what he really thinks. We'll be awaiting his review.

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Anonymous said...

I am troubled that he reacted in such a extreme manner. He gave life to this film, where otherwise it would have been a dud.
In my
Protest him, I am canceling ourf familiy's vacation there.