Tuesday, January 6, 2015


("Not Embracing Christie's Love of the Dallas Cowboys ")

As if Bridgegate wasn't bad enough, we now have Brogate. A covey of very rich, very white guys high up in their palace man-hugging a victory for their team from Texas. Only someone forgot to remind Governor Christie he was a  Springsteen loving Jersey boy.

Forget how poorly he governs his state, how the unemployment numbers are high, the educational figures are low and his botching of the Ebola quarantine issue a disaster. Forget his rudeness to those who question his Supreme Being. Forget that he has all but abandoned his state (to aBrogate) even before his official announcement that he is running for king in 2016.

Moving cones on the George Washington was a mere traffic offense compared to this latest fiasco. 15 yard penalty on the man in the orange sweater for unsportsmanlike conduct and bad judgment in attire and loyalty.


Bruce said...

What was Gov. Christie doing to Jerry Jones's left leg in the owner's box?

Anonymous said...

I hope it is just a matter of time that Governor Christie falls from the heights he seems to have climbed to date.

Anonymous said...

let's see....tickets to game for 6 in his family, private jet, refreshments, ...but that is allowed as a gifts from a friend. The man has no morals !