Sunday, January 18, 2015

Smart Guns and the NRA

("Smart Guns Save Lives, So Where Are They?")

While I applaud Mr. Kristof on the sentiment expressed, history teaches us that the NRA is immune to emotional appeals. In the immediate aftermath of Newtown, and the deaths of twenty young children, surely we believed that change would have to follow. There is scant evidence to suggest that anything is different.

The NRA will blame negligent parents, random bad luck, or figures that support the premise that more children die from a range of other causes not aggressively attacked by the left wing. The NRA will be portrayed by its advocates, as always, as unwarranted scapegoat for the failure of others.

The sad truth is that unless the bottom line is improved for their clients, the gun lobbyists will find no predicate to support legislation that will save lives. Death is no match for financial gain.

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Anonymous said...

Has always been that way and looks like it will always be that way! Idiots!