Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tiger's Latest Role

((A Fading Titan, Cheered On With Pity")

We are now face to face with the latest role being played out on a very large stage by Tiger Woods.

He has been hero, able to conquer all those who stood in his way as much with the strength of his will as the power in his shots.

He then took on the character of the villain, making a mockery of our willingness to idolize him. In this iteration he became more pariah than phenomenon.

Now, he appears as the duffer, someone whose mortality has not only shown through the cracks but emerged full blown. This is the version that elicits the sympathy the hero never needed and the villain never warranted. He is now merely a member of our foursome, neither a god living on some remote planet. nor evil incarnate. He has gone from Superman to Everyman.

Many now harbor the not so secret desire to see Superman's cape suddenly emerge from beneath the ragged exterior of this faux Tiger, As this final act plays out we can but wonder, worry and wait to see whether Tiger has anything left in his tank.

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