Monday, February 23, 2015



("Who Loves America?")

Do we not have a mandate to challenge a society that denies basic health care to millions, that incarcerates rather than corrects, that has sympathy for its soldiers at war but little room for them at home, that seeks to diminish rather than elevate the lives of illegal immigrants, that loves its guns but ignores its consequences?

Do we not have a mandate to challenge those among us who bend truth to fit their narrative, who distort and deny, who pretend and prevaricate, who leave science and knowledge to others, who have failed us but are somehow now entrusted with leading?

What is love for our country? It is love for the idea of democracy but not for every idea in a democracy. We fight for our freedoms but it does not mean each of us is free. We believe passionately in our potential for greatness, but it does not mean we are great.

We are a country with many flaws, with ever evolving dilemmas, lurching from one crisis to the next, trying to put out each small fire before it becomes a conflagration. We are constantly on watch, on guard and we must be diligent to protect what is best and protest what is not.

It is presumptuous and disgraceful of the former mayor of New York to question the President's passion for our country. Mr. Obama has suffered fools before and will surely hereinafter, but there is a line that Rudy Giuliani has crossed. Saying stupid things just to get applause has never seemed crueler. Shame on him.

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Anonymous said...

Shame on Rudy and shame on you. For 6 long years Obama has bent truth to fit his convenient narrative of the day. He's distorted,denied, lied, prevaricated, apologized for us while criticizing the USA. He's showed no pride in being an American, while being destructive and divisive. He's had a policy of appeasing our enemies while snubbing our allies, especially Israel.
He's delusional, lost and ignorant. The great ditherer!