Tuesday, March 10, 2015

An Open Letter of Revolt

The Republican party by its overt effort to diminish the power of President Obama has undermined the office itself. This was not an intended lesson in constitutional law but a statement of open revolt in Washington.

It was disgraceful when the House invited a foreign leader into its chambers to chastise and criticize the framework of the negotiations so painstakingly inching forward with Iran. But that attack pales in comparison to the letter of warning to the world that this president's acts can be neutered.

This iteration of Republican politician is unique in its blatant disregard of protocol. Emboldened by its successes in the past election cycles, it has read these gains as an open invitation to blur the lines between the executive and legislative branches.

President Obama has been forced to endure endless insults and insinuations. The hard liners on the right have clearly demonstrated a loss of respect not only for the man but for the meaning of being elected  President of the United States. The 47 who believe they have enlarged their own reputation with this latest salvo, are sadly mistaken. They have instead only made themselves smaller and in the process diminished the greatness of our democracy.

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