Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bibi and the Empty Chair

This was Bibi's version of the Clint Eastwood empty chair speech: intended as a direct attack on the President and a rebuke of his policy. This was not the Republican party sanctioning a mocking monologue but rather the Congress of the United States. And its intent was to permit a foreign leader our biggest stage to announce the incompetence and serious miscalculation of our leader.

I understand the misgivings about trusting Iran to abide by its agreements. And I am well aware of the limits of the proposed resolution. But to subject Mr. Obama to such humiliation with the blessing of Congress was an ill conceived and ill intended insult.

Leave the empty chair act to Mr. Eastwood. Rising to applaud a foreign leader's words of disdain for the course of our negotiations with Iran did nothing to enhance our reputation but only diminished our country and the office of the presidency.


Anonymous said...

Truth is Mr. Obama has brought this upon himself and the country. More and more he has isolated himself, behaving like an angry, petulant child not getting his way, when he should demonstrate true statesmanship. Yesterdays show would never have occurred without the strong support of many powerful Democrats like our own Bob Menendez who put love of country ahead of partisanship.
Thus the fruit of leading from behind or not at all set the "stage to announce the incompetence and serious miscalculation" of Mr. Obama along with self inflicted humiliation.
Take another look, and see, the chair is not empty. Rather, its occupant is so small and petty he only leaves the impression of emptiness.

Bruce said...

What if Nancy Pelosi invited Jacques Chirac to talk to Congress in 2002 before the Iraq war without telling Bush? She would have been hounded out of DC. I am a big supporter of Israel but yesterday Bibi's speech did not embrace the new narrative of Israel--not a small, beleaguered nation, but an active player on the world economic stage and one that can be supported from all around starting with the US