Friday, March 27, 2015

The Scorecard with Iran

In Iraq we are battling together, if not side by side. In Yemen, we fight against one another. And then there is Syria where we seem to be both allies and enemies. And all of this is just sidebar to tense discussions on its nuclear present and future. Let's just say we have a complicated relationship with Iran.

How are we to come out unscathed from this mess? How is this region going to coalesce when one needs a scorecard just to determine who is sitting in the home team dugout? It has the feeling of an endless maze where every path leads only to the next dead end.

For the President trying to thread the needle it appears an impossibly complex conundrum. And with each action taken, he seems only to escalate the enmity both here and abroad. There are no easy answers, only ever more complicated questions.

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