Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hillary and Out of Town Tryouts

Every candidate goes through periods of uncertainty and self-reflection on the campaign trail. Positions shift, subtly if done well, as the winds of fortune change. What works is embraced and the rest discarded like old uncomfortable shoes.

This is politics and these are political animals willing and anxious to sway as many uncertain voters as possible with whatever pablum it takes. Hillary's grandmother image will disappear quicker than John McCain's love for Sarah Palin if her numbers decline. Image, not substance, is the movie playing on the campaign trail over the next 18 months.

Cut Hillary a break. She is in out of town tryouts for her tour, testing out punchlines before she reaches the bright lights of Broadway. This show is merely in previews, and we should not give it a review just yet. There will be plenty of time for our condescension and criticisms. For now, we should just sit back and chill out.

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Anonymous said...

This ain't no ordinary old shoe. This worn out old shoe needs new laces, a re-souling, and lots of polish. There was more than ample time, money, and woman-power to put together a dynamic breakout to this campaign for someone with 3 decades of political experience. Talk about image. This old shoe has no style, no charisma, no vibrancy, no substance, and no direction. As flatfooted as can be.
We need to sit back, chill out, and start to worry and wonder if this old nag can win a race. The other side has 20 potential losers. We have only one