Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jeb Bush - Hispanic Male

I understand this gaffe may not cost Jeb Bush his chance to become the third member of his family to serve as President. But are we really supposed to accept the notion that his designation of himself as Hispanic was a matter of momentary distraction coupled with a blending of identities with his wife?

This was not a matter of perception, eg am I funny or clever or even am I conservative. In those areas, maybe the concept of husband and wife becoming a mixed enterprise could have meaning. But undisputed fact is not a question open to interpretation. Mr. Bush cannot possibly have confused his race with that of his spouse, even in the most generous attempts to explain his actions

Maybe Donald Trump should demand that Mr. Bush provide his birth certificate. Or even better, that Poppy Bush be compelled to take a paternity test, so that we can be certain of the true lineage of this person whom we all may have been fooled into believing was the son and brother of "family" members who occupied the Oval Office.

 Let us not create unnecessary fictions to protect candidates from their moments of stupidity.  It is unseemly and unwarranted

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope it does cost him his chance. The last thing we need is another Bush in the WH. On the other hand, we should keep in mind there's plenty of stupidity to go round. Rand Paul making an ass of himself in the media. There isn't enough space here to compile a list of Hillary's gaffes. We don't need another Clinton either. Oh, and let's not forget:
ISIS being dismissed as the "junior varsity" team, along with Yemen being touted as the biggest Middle East success story, just to name a recent couple from the current WH.