Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brady's Deflated Balls

Does this episode warrant comparison with Bonds, A-Rod and McGwire, or is it more akin to the exploits of Perry, Ford and Sutton? Is Brady to be damned or praised? Was this cheating or ingenuity?

Whereas we have consigned our steroid induced heroes of baseball to the role of undeniable villain, unworthy of recognition in the Hall of Fame, no such shame has followed those accused of being masters of "doctoring" their pitches. Gaylord Perry, Don Sutton and our own beloved Whitey Ford were aficionados in applying vaseline, pine tar, sandpaper, spit and even thumbtacks to the surface of a baseball. Perry wrote a memoir entitled "Me and the Spitter." There appears to be honor attached to this tactic, more like an artist at work rather than an act of a master thief.

Bill Belichick, the legendary coach of Mr. Brady, is certainly one who has a flexible interpretation of the rules of the game, being involved in episodes such as "Spygate". Thus, maybe like those minions under Governor Christie, a win at all costs mentality pervaded the Patriot team and lodged firmly in the head of Brady. But, I find it hard to believe that in every locker room in the NFL there are not those who are searching frantically for the football equivalent of the spit ball.

Is Tom Brady's legacy irrevocably tarnished by Deflategate? I would suggest that his ego and  stature may suffer a short term beating but that Canton, Ohio assuredly will one day have a bust with his name on it. Maybe a slightly deflated bust.

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