Sunday, May 24, 2015

Primary Concerns

"The Republican Party Primary of 2012- A Musical" was a Broadway hit that never was. But while that opportunity passed, another gift of even larger proportion, like manna from heaven, looms for 2016.

Of the announced candidates, even months before the first shot is fired, there is the neurosurgeon who has determined that being gay is a result of incarceration and that the current state of the country is but an eyelash removed from Nazi Germany. Or the Senator from Texas, the self described smartest man in every room who is a very,very proud wacko bird, loves to shut down the government and read Green Eggs and Ham. Or the female entry who watched over HP's decline and parlayed that into a losing effort against a Boxer. Or Mr. God's, Guns, Grits and Gravy, the huck(abee)ster for the Diabetes Solution. Or the son of another failed nominee who noted that walking, talking normal children can end up with profound mental disorders after taking vaccine shots. Or the Senator who takes his foreign policy position from the movie "Taken".

And that does not even take into consideration the Jeb Bush two step on his brother's Iraq attack, Chris Christie's cone-moving, Rick Perry redux with intellectual looking glasses, and a long list of the other unannounced including the king of interesting hair dos and investigations of foreign born presidential candidates.

It would be a shame not to parade this entire army of hopefuls onto the stage, if not for a debate, at least for what should certainly be an entertaining show (on Broadway).


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on! Now if we can only get (silent) candidate Hillary in the act with a cast of Democrats what fun could be had. Even after sanitizing her emails and erasing thousands from her personal server we are seeing what kind of operation she ran at State including her Obama barred relationship with Sidney Blumenthal. Rules, ethics, morals, and truth does not apply to the Clintons. All that's missing is the shoe phone from the "Get Smart" spy farce.

Robert said...

Hillary certainly has a quarter century or more of baggage that she will have to dance around. It would be fun to have this all play out on a single stage, like a game of musical chairs. When the music stops, the unlikely one is paraded off.

Just think, only another 18 months until the election.