Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Party of the Far Right and Very Wrong

Implicit is the suggestion that the Republican party, has been more reasonable then its counterpart.

This from the group whose representative in the 2012 election spoke of making life so miserable for over 11 million in our midst that they would choose to self deport. This from the group who seemed to have a symbolic vote weekly to undo legislation which has now allowed many more millions of Americans the protection of health care. This from the group who continue not only to cling to their guns despite events like Newtown, but to cling to their trickle down theory of economics despite all proof to the contrary. This from the group whose attack on government regulation and oversight led us to the brink of depression while still steadfastly opposing financial relief for those most effected by the downturn in the economy. This from the group who only now moves away from the failed theory of mass incarceration, not because fundamentally they don't want to see communities suffer as the system unfairly arrests and punishes, but who find it an economically unfeasible model.

The Republican party has been successful over the past 8 years not because of its enlightened philosophy but because it has played to our worst instincts and  fears. It  has rallied its constituents based on lies and misrepresentations and formulated an unrelenting central position of bringing down a President rather than elevating a nation.

So yes, maybe the Democratic party of today has moved away from some of the failed policies of the past. But the Republican party, fueled by the Tea Party and by an obsession with destroying everything that Obama touches, has abandoned any pretense of governing from the middle. And for that, there is little that Mr. Wehner or this country should find redeeming in the members of the far right and very wrong.

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Anonymous said...

While it's true the Republican party is disunited and often unreasonable, the Democrats are not any better, and their liberal progressive policies are a total failure and waste of tax payer dollars. Let's take a look at the 10 most crime ridden major large cities in America. ALL are governed by Democrats. Baltimore is a good example. There has not been a Republican in power for over 50 years in Baltimore and it's the 6th most violent city in America. Marilyn Mosby is a great example of an incompetent, corrupt, and biased Democratic leader. Look at her recent racist hacked tweets that have been released. Take a look at Detroit, Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, St. Louis... Perhaps this has contributed to the success of Republicans over the last 8 years in State and local elections. The fear, in this regard, is very real.
As for Obama, he has done wonders to destroy what this country used to stand for in the world all by himself, with no help from anyone but those acolytes who suck up to him.