Saturday, June 27, 2015

An Amazing Week in Review

It has been a schizophrenic moment, filled with sights and sounds of great triumph and soaring rhetoric yet equally unspeakable tragedy and pain.

We have been witness to the gunning down of nine as an act of unfathomable hatred and racism, only to be countered with words of strength and conviction

We have heard those of the highest court of the land announce in clear terms of the right of all of our citizens to live dignified, meaningful existences protected from the wounds of those in our society who would neither care for them or about them. But, we have also heard the continuing voices of dissent from some of our politicians and from those who sat in defeat on the bench, petty, ugly, virulent tones.

We have  learned of continuing acts of terrorism abroad, as innocents in three countries lay as bloody testament of a movement cloaked in religious piety but destroying life in ways contrary to each and ever fiber of what religion should foster and perpetuate.

And we have listened to our President speak so forcefully and eloquently after each pronouncement of the Supreme Court and finally,from the pulpit with a passion and resolve often sorely missing. We fell in love with this man years ago and we longed for the time he would reemerge. This week he did, praising us for being a more UNITED states then we have been, sermonizing that with our triumphs and even with our tragedies we have shown our nation to be one of greatness, compassion and yes, amazing grace.

These have been days where we have demonstrated all that we are capable of, both in our finest hour and in our darkest. And in the end, we have been reminded of everything that we can be whether our quest is for good or evil. It has been an exhausting, exhilarating, terrific and terrible time, as strong and weak, right and wrong collide.

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Anonymous said...

With all due respect to John Roberts, I'd like to suggest rather than "schizophrenic" the disparity in his opinion, one day after another, could merely be a bad case of judicial prosopagnosia.