Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Promise to Do No Worse

I applaud Mr. Bruni for throwing his hat (with maybe a hair or two still attached) in the ring. Forget that he doesn't appear to agree with virtually any position "his" party takes. There is a long tradition in this country of switching allegiance over the course of a career.

Take the father of this version of the Republican party, Ronald Reagan. He began his political life aligned with the Democrats before "the party left him". Or the mother of this version of the Democratic party, and maybe soon of our nation,  Hillary Clinton who was a Goldwater girl a half century ago. Or Teddy Roosevelt who sat in the White House as a Republican and then founded the Progressive party so he could take a shot at a third term in the Oval office.

The list goes on and on all the way back to President John Tyler who found himself expelled from his own Whig party soon after he ascended (by succession not election) to the highest office.

And so, I too think of adding my name to the enormous list of Republicans seeking to become number 45. Even though I find no redeeming aspects in the party's platform, and have never voted for a Republican to hold elected office for fear of what that would mean, that will not deter my resolve. And I promise I will do no worse than Dr. Carson, Ms. Fiorina,  Mr. Trump or any of the other hopefuls would do on  behalf of the not so Grand Old Party  Yes, that will be my slogan, "I promise to do no worse."

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Anonymous said...

I'd vote for you:)