Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kalief Browder

He would have died a nameless, faceless death, just another statistic but for the New York Times. His life would have passed without us knowing of the horrors of a system that robbed him of his youth, his spirit and ultimately his will to survive.

For those of us who can't comprehend what it is to exist in a world where poverty, persecution and pain are your constant companions, the suicide of this 22 year old man was stark notice of what our cruelty and indifference means.

We mourn the loss of a life that was never given a chance to flourish, of a person who never breathed the air as we do, of dreams that were never allowed to see the light of day. I hope that Kalief Browder now rests in the peace that eluded him during his short and troubled existence and that the reporting of his anguish resonates sufficiently so that the next Kalief Browder does not suffer the same terrible fate.

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