Thursday, June 25, 2015

Long Live the King

Long live the King (v Burwell)!!

For those who believe universal health care should be the law of the land, the Affordable Care Act is a disappointing compromise, leaving a significant percentage of our population still uncovered and subject to the greater likelihood of diminished health and earlier death.

But, given its limitations, Obamacare has been a godsend to millions of Americans and a beacon of light in an all too often dark and desperate landscape. For most of the two terms of the presidency of Mr. Obama the legislation that has come to bear his name, and the man himself, have been subjected to a ceaseless barrage of vicious criticism. It has been an ugly and deliberate effort to undermine the most important health care reform this country has witnessed, and to destroy the legacy of a president.

Finally, hopefully, this charade has played itself out before the Supreme Court. In unusually direct and forceful terms, Chief Justice Roberts has made it known that enough is far too much when it comes to trying to remove the central underpinnings of this Act. The time is past when our highest court and our nation should be compelled to focus its time and energy on this unending obsession of the Republican party.

Let these unhappy politicians rant and rave today, as so many of them have, as they attempt to demonstrate their resolve and gravitas. And then come tomorrow let them, once and for all, put this issue to rest and move on to the task of governing, which has seemed a lost art for so many years.

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Anonymous said...

And what is the likelihood that the present day Republicans will move on to govern? 10%? 20%? They have always known how to win - they just have not learned how to govern! Post Tea Party, there are not enough Old Dogs who remember how to cut a deal and have the courage to go up against the Young Bucks. Not optimistic here....

I think the ultimate irony is that their choice of derisive terminology - ObamaCare - may turn out to engrave our President's name in history! Ha!