Saturday, July 11, 2015

Atticus Finch and the Confederate Flag

It is the destruction of the illusion, a revelation that there is a duality in each of us, good and bad both pulling to emerge triumphant.

I remember as a child growing up worshipping a major league baseball player, only to later learn he was but a small, troubled man, full of faults and demons. Atticus Finch, an idealized hero to so many, now has suffered his own terrible fall from grace. We grieve for our loss.

As we watch the Confederate flag come down and wait for the next Atticus Finch to lead the South, to lead all of us to a better day, "Watchman" sends an ominous note of warning. On an occasion when we celebrate our possibilities, we are duly constrained. For if Atticus does not exist, who is left to bring us into the light?

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