Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Hair to the Throne

It is the worst part of the Republican DNA, the Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh tell it like it is brand of invective laced hatred, spewed forth with righteous indignation. All those who don't speak the truth are mere cowards, or worse.

Facts have never mattered to Mr. Trump as his all out assault on President Obama's place of birth so vividly highlighted. It is the chase for the front page, or if not that, then two opinion pieces in the New York Times on one day, that is his catalyst.

While Marco Rubio writes, if not convincingly, at least seriously about our Cuban policy (" Obama's Faustian Bargain with Cuba") it is assuredly Mr. Trump who will capture most of the water cooler conversation today.

I think your paper is devoting far too much attention to a side show. Mr. Trump is nothing more than Sarah Palin redux, a one trick pony without any idea of how to lead this country.

He is an embarrassment and we should curtail our obsession with him, no matter today's polling results. The Times should merely start and end its coverage of The Donald by quoting the famous inquiry of Joseph N. Welch to Joseph McCarthy.

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Bruce said...

He is polling very well; in second place in Iowa and in my opinion, can win in Iowa, maybe NH and create a lot of problems for the GOP.