Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Great Wall of Trump

We now have the first stated platform of Mr. Trump. In his town hall meeting and press conferences he denounces point by point positions as being inflexible. He tells us in his now not so off the cuff remarks that he is a GREAT negotiator and thus capable of making the best deal for himself and, by extension, for all of us. "Don't worry", he is advising us, "I got it".

And then he announces a stance on immigration that is so absurd and so distasteful as to defy belief. But it matters little that this wall, which will be the biggest and most beautiful ever because, like everything else he comes into contact with, maybe it will bear his name one day, this wall is America at its worst. 

Mr. Trump's platform rests not on the consideration of the disastrous economics of the futile attempt to chase  down and deport over 11 million "illegals" or on any rational review of  this nightmare of a policy statement but on his one simple immutable stance: "trust me, I got it". 

Trust me, he doesn't.

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Michael Gansl said...

You may want to read Paul Waldman's column in the Washington Post : Did the Republicans just give away the 2016 election by raising birthright citizenship?
I found it to be a fascinating perspective and it blows my mind that so many of the Republican candidates are playing "follow the leader"!
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