Monday, August 31, 2015

Wrong Side Story

(to the tune of When You're a Jet)

Let's build a wall
Make the Mexicans pay
More than 50 feet tall
Two thousand miles in a day

Let's build a wall
We will name it the Trump
Taj  Mahaj of a wall
A wonder not a dump 

In need of a home
You're not so good investing
In Trump North you can own
The views are quite arresting

Let's build a wall..........
Build a wall all the way


They'd like to be in America
Over the wall to America
For a small fee to America
Everything's free in America

They have the drugs there in Mexico
Rapists and drugs there in Mexico
Nothing to show there in Mexico
Nowhere to go there in Mexico

Bring us your poor to America
Humble and poor to America
Just not next door to America
Please, por favor, not America

(To the tune of Maria)

The Border, tonight I'll be crossing the Border
And from today I'll leave
The friends and family I've known

My mother, I'm saying goodbye to my mother
The one who nurtured me
Who bounced me on her knee at home

The Border, now it's time and I must be going
My heart's full and the fear is growing

The Border, tonight I'll be crossing the Border

Could it be? Yes it could
Someone's coming, up to no good
I just can't wait!
Someone's coming, I don't who he is,
But he is,
In the wrong place.

With a kick, then a shock
Teeth with rattle, heads will knock
He'll rue his fate

Come on someone, come on in, don't you cry
I'm your guy
Sit in that chair!
Your heart is pumping
And something bad is coming!
You know.
You are now in my reach,
Not down the block, on the streets
You're mine tonight


Tonight, tonight
Won't be just any night
I pray there will be no evening stars.

Tonight, tonight
Won't be just any night
I'll leave my love tonight
And hold in her my arms one last time

Today I'm praying by the hour
And hope I find the power
To keep me from their sight

Oh fates prove right
And keep me safe from harm
On this long, lonely night.

(To the tune of I am pretty)

I am frightened
Senses heightened
I am wary, its scary out here
It's consuming, an overwhelming fear

I sense danger
Who's that stranger
Don't come closer, no sir please don't
It's not safe out, filled with confounding doubt

What's that sound over there
Who could it be
What a scary place, what a human race
What a troubled me

I am tired, muck and mired
I'm uneasy that's easy to see
And tomorrow I only hope
That I'm still free.

(To the tune of Somewhere)

I can touch it now
So close, can touch it now
Better life, better days are there
Dreams if I just dare

It's my time I know
Right now's the time I know
Time is right and I know I can
Running into the promised land

I' ll have a brand new beginning
Reborn, to have a beginning


I will make it mine
This land will make it mine.
Won't forget who I left behind
Can't regret what I left behind
My time. My place. My home.


Oh dear Mr. Trump wants me down on my knees
Wants to see me beg, full of supplicant pleas
He's nasty and hateful and here's what I think
It's undeniable he stinks

Yes he stinks, oh he stinks
He is crude and rude
And has a lousy attitude

Oh dear Mr. Trump now I made it I'm here
And I can let go of my worry and fear
Oh dear Mr. Trump here's a choice word or two
Dear Mr. Trump, Trump you


Anonymous said...

You missed your calling..go right to broadway...do not pass "go" ...you're there already...and don't collect $200.00...you deserve much more than that....you'll have a monopoly on musicals...two on the aisle, please..

:-)). Joan

Michael Gansl said...

I think Joan has called it perfectly!
Make that 4 on the aisle.
No other comment necessary.

Anonymous said...

If not straight to Broadway, come to Sonoma and do the Transcendence Theater in Jack London Park. The house will be SOLD OUT! Then Broadway will come begging!
Love it!