Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ronald Reagan, The Next Dead President of the United States

Given that illusion is the heartbeat of this Republican primary season, as the leader of the pack is without even the most basic concept of what it takes to govern this nation, I would suggest that the man whose name was possibly repeated more than any other at the second debate be named the Republican candidate for President. Ronald Reagan, whose Presidential plane served as looming backdrop, whose attributes were invoked as a greatness now lost, whose accomplishments seem mythic, who better to lead this country out of the wilderness.

Who cares that he is long dead. What matters is that he continues to inspire. Let the thought of him guide our decisions, strengthen our heart, calm our shaking hand, and bring us to a better tomorrow. Long live the next dead President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Rather dark. An acquaintance of mine once commented that Reagan was the second best president. Who did she think was the best? Why bush two of course!
With that in mind i always think that when the GOP sees Reagan as a demigod I see a party in trouble


Robert said...

In my opinion, if you ran a poll this week and placed the name of Ronald Reagan alongside the 16 wannabes, that he would run in the top 5, notwithstanding he has long since stopped breathing.

I would LOVE to see that thought become a reality.

I also would bet that if you asked those polled, a significant percentage would suggest that Mr. Reagan is still alive.