Monday, September 14, 2015

Will People Actually Vote This Time?

("Latinos for Donald Trump")

Wasn't it Mitt Romney who spoke of making life so miserable for "illegal" immigrants that they would self-deport? Wasn't there conversation in the Republican debates of building a moat to keep out the unwanteds? Wasn't it perfectly clear four years ago that the Hispanic community was considered a blight upon our nation by one of our two parties? And yet the numbers reveal that less than half of the eligible Hispanic voters even appeared to cast a vote at the ballot box.

This is intended as a blanket indictment of a nation that cannot be dragged from its apathetic stupor. What could be more meaningful to the African Americans in our nation than the re-election of Barack Obama? Yet one in three did not exercise their fundamental right. I well understand the impediments placed upon many in voting, made only more difficult by the many methods employed by the Republicans to keep likely Democratic votes from being cast. But that does not explain the staggering numbers who stayed home on election day.

Mr. Trump may be around next November, and, if so, his candidacy may signal a call to arms for those deeply offended and aggrieved by his incomprehensibly inappropriate remarks. But, until that day comes and evidence proves me wrong, history teaches us that nothing will change this from a nation whose principal vote is cast for no one.

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