Friday, October 2, 2015


("Obama Condemns "Routine" of Mass Shootings, Says US has Become Numb")

He has been derogatorily referred to as "no drama Obama". Blessed with the ability to speak with great eloquence and depth of knowledge on critical matters, this is a President who many believe does not often enough reveal his inner fire. But not on this issue.

From Fort Hood, to Tuscon, Newtown to Aurora, Charleston to Roseburg. For Mr. Obama, these have been the moments when he has voiced his  pain and pleaded with a nation to respond. Especially in the wake of Newtown, there was reason to believe some sanity might prevail.  Yet,an endless stream of massacres has been met, ultimately, with national indifference.

Was anyone not moved by the sight of the President singing "Amazing Grace" at the memorial to honor the pastor and the others slain in his Charleston church? Yesterday, there were no such elevated images as a bitter and angry Mr. Obama was called upon yet again to mourn the senseless loss of life.
Gun control, or more precisely the lack of gun control, is one of the great failings of this nation.

Seemingly held hostage by the NRA and the donor class who control both the dialogue and the votes of those in Congress, the possibility of reasonable gun legislation seem ever more remote. And for a President whose term in office has been pock marked with these tragedies, Roseburg was merely the latest, but in all likelihood not the last.

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