Monday, October 12, 2015

McDonald's Love of Chipotle

BACK STORY - I recently attended an Audra McDonald concert in which she spoke of an undying ardor for everything Chipotle

There is gastronomic irony here
And it feeds a hungry mind
For McDonald to dine at Chipotle
Is an  edible slice unkind

She has the great Audracity
The stomach and the heart
To order tortillas with meat or sofritas
Not Big Mac a la carte

She claims she keeps an office
Near the guacamole and rice
And would rather dos tacos, black beans and cilantro
To  McNugget with fries super sized

It must ibble the great Mickey D
That it let Chipotle escape
The soprano's high trillas for their tomatillos
Is the icing on the cake

She loves her burritos and quesadillas
No room for burger with cheese
Dear Audra sings praises of Mexican places
And brings McDonald's to its knees

So though it is just food for thought
It fills this writer's plate
A sumptuous meal of irony
A joke too great to waste

1 comment:

Michael Gansl said...

It must have been an incredible concert to have inspired you to have written such elegant poetry!!