Friday, October 9, 2015

The Stink

("Hillary Clinton's Opportunist Solution")

Stop the presses!! A politician with shifting views to meet the needs of the moment. Is this really where Mr. Brooks wants to go?

The top vote getter on the Republican side is not a career politician and has thus not been subjected to endless inquiry and inspection on his views. But even in that context, look at Mr. Trump. A Democrat seemingly a minute ago, Mr. Trump's changing sentiments were analyzed on a recent segment of Meet the Press . We witness the Republican front runner praising Hillary Clinton, applauding President Obama's economic policies, defending Obamacare and characterizing himself as strongly pro choice. I am certain Mr. Trump would say that was a different time and he was a different person when those views were stated. Uh-huh.

Who can forget a tongue tied Rick Perry trying to castigate Mitt Romney by suggesting he had "before he was before" changed his stripes on the second Amendment, abortion and Obamacare?

The plain truth is that politicians are well, politicians. And yes, they pander to the electorate. Hillary Clinton has spent the last 25 years squarely in the bulls eye. She is a seemingly difficult person to love and yes, she will say what is required for her to get elected. But for Mr. Brooks to single her out as though she is somehow unique is ludicrous. Wake up and smell the roses Mr. Brooks. They often stink.

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