Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Down in Colorado. How Many More?

Donald Trump is packing. No, not for the White House. He is packing a gun. Maybe even as we speak. He just won't tell us, as he wants to keep it a surprise, so his would be assassins won't know whether to go after him. And, oh yes, it would be a splendid idea if everyone in his employ was ready to unload on the next person who walked through the door.

Ben Carson is napping. Or maybe just trying to put us to sleep with his oh so quiet speech and soft demeanor hiding the fact that his answers make absolutely no sense.

Ted Cruz is yapping. At the media, as he and Marco Rubio and just about everyone else on the stage took up an enormous amount of time and energy complaining about the main stream, left wing media, conspiring to ask the wrong questions of the candidates, the ones they actually had to answer.

Jeb Bush is sapping. As in sapping all the energy out of his candidacy. He is not an attack dog, not an alpha male and he is overwhelmed by a field who are comfortable with zingers. Poor Jeb! was almost completely undressed when he went after his one time protege. Yes, Jeb, I cut school, but so did Barack. A lot.

John Kasich is failing. In what he thought might be his breakout moment, he almost broke down. His zinger on Trump's immigration nightmare of a plan brought only a major league putdown by the king of major league putdowns. Anybody can put you in the corner, baby. You can have him America.

Rand Paul is missing. Was he actually on the stage last night? Ted Cruz stole his ideas on the economy and everybody else seemed to steal his air time. What was left for the kind of libertarian was merely to be one of the physical bookends, along with Mr. Kasich at the end of the line, figuratively and literally.

Marco Rubio is rising. As in the polls, as he nimbly dodged ugly questions and every attack upon his financial missteps and his voting record, or lack of one. He and Mr. Cruz are the slickest of the pack, able to use bigger words and full sentences to their advantage. Watch out for this one.

Carla Fiorina is tricky. She maneuvered away from her dismal record at HP and instead had us focus on the image of her taking down one Hillary Clinton. In an all girls fight, she would end up on top. World Wide Wrestling come to the big stage.

Chris Christie is sincere. Forget those cones that he did not move. In fact, forget everything he did wrong to bring his state to such a dismal place. No, he was not talking to the moderators or even to his fellow competitors. He was talking directly to you, looking directly at you and telling you that he knew what it took to make America great again. Except that the yutz who kept reminding us about the tank that is Atlantic City had already stolen that line.

Mike Huckabee is preaching. What else can he do, as Ben Carson has stolen his evangelicals? He was standing next to Mr. Kasich, for God's sake and wasn't that already bad enough?

All of them assembled on the stage had a plan. This madness was rehearsed and choreographed. The anger, the resentment, the belittling of those who dared to ask the questions. Ten voices all going at once, all trying to make you believe that he or she held the secret in the palm of his or her hands. And none of them actually responding to any inquiries but merely directing their 60 seconds (who actually only spoke for 60 seconds?) to their stump speech on whatever it was that would sound most authentic.

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young once cried out to us "Four dead in Ohio. How many more?' For us it is three Republican debacles, I mean debates in the books. How many more?


Anonymous said...

Regarding your non sequitur, it was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Robert said...

I stand corrected.

I am surprised however that this was your most substantive comment relating to round 3.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it obvious?
Tough questions are good. Fox was tough-but fair. Carl, Becky and John were hostile and disrespectful, with a set agenda that appeared to want to debate more than moderate. It backfired on them and the network big time. They lost control and helped the candidates unify instead of attacking each other. Seemed to me the questions they asked were crafted by that nasty of the nastiest: Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
However, those three nitwits may have been upstaged by Jeb the Dead, who died last night of self-inflicted wounds walking into a trap a child could have seen a mile away. Thank God not another Bush in the WH. Who out did who in that regard is too close to call. Except those three stooges are clearly sleaze bags. Jeb, well he's just more akin to a naive moron making his idiot brother seem like a genius in comparison.
Clear winner was Rubio, who proved he can arrive prepared, think on his feet and act quickly.
If Hillary is "presidential timber" Rubio is a giant sequoia. She'd do best against gentle Ben. Except after last night it looks like
Ben and Donald's best days are behind them.
Who gives a damn how many more? You don't have to watch, you got your girl. It'll be interesting how she fares when she doesn't have Sucker Bernie to pull her chestnuts out of the fire in a real debate against the enemy

Robert said...

That's more like what I have come to expect from my anonymous commentor. Biting attacks on the conspiratorial media and on Hillary the tiny tree.

I was duly impressed that you remembered my "presidential timber" remark about the performance of Ms. Clinton before Mr. Gowdy et al.

And how many more was more sarcastic than literal. Yes, I can turn away but then I might miss the next calamity.

Anonymous said...

What no Mets fan's here? Who cares about REPUBLICANS anyway???????

Robert said...

There was big baseball news yesterday. Andrew Miller won the Mariano Rivera award for the best reliever in the American League.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your usual insightful insights written in a very readable and enjoyable (except for the content) manner....obviously you were able to stay awake for the entire debacle...I read the times article as well as the op eds byFrank Bruni and Gail Collins...if the whole fiasco weren't so scary, it could be funny..are they really adults who live on our planet? nothing like living in an alternate universe...