Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Turkey on Thanksgiving

("King Kevin Versus Queen Cersei")

This turkey is impossible to swallow.  Talk about ruining my appetite.

It is all well and good that Maureen has a brother to whom is given an annual platform in your paper. My sister is pretty smart too but my next letter to the editor won't be written by her.

Kevin, is the strange hair do what drove you into the arms of Mr Trump? How else does one explain the description of Mr. Trump "joyfully debunk(ing) political correctness"? I find your "touch the nerve" argument as predicate for Donald's popularity disgraceful and distasteful as Trump is nothing but charlatan and showman playing upon prejudices and fears.

Ben Carson as an "intriguing possibility"? What is intriguing about his utter lack of knowledge on fundamental topics and his outrageous assertions? Is it because his words are clothed in the doctor's soft demeanor?

Will Marco Rubio's delivering his speeches in Spanish cover up his Tea party views? Is this the wolf in sheep's clothing theory of governing?

And what about Ted Cruz, that Harvard educated sharp debater, able to beat up on a moderator who asked questions that none of those on the stage wanted to answer? Try 11 hours of grilling before a hostile Congress on their eighth investigation of a fiction of wrong doing and cover up on Benghazi.

As for Jeb! Bush, the many millions behind him and the propelling force of his family name could not save him from himself.

Chris Christie attorney general. REALLY?

These are the best you can offer Kevin? These are your "informed candidates"?

The Democrats do proudly champion health care, college and Social Security as bedrocks of our society. Is the best put-down that they are not as "diverse" as the hordes that have filled up the stage at Republican Wrestlemania? The leader of the Republican pack has flourished despite his abusive remarks directed at Mr. Bush, Ms. Fiorina, Dr. Carson and anyone with the chutzpah to call out the contradictions and flaws in this sorry mess of candidates.

Kevin Dowd, may you have a happy Thanksgiving, filled with laughter and love. But for the sake of all of us, next year may you keep your mouth occupied consuming food and your thoughts to yourself.

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