Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ebola and the Syrian Refugees

Ebola and the Syrian refugees. Related by the mass hysteria that enveloped both issues. Close the borders. Shut the doors.  The President is inept, incompetent or as Mr. Trump now so delicately suggests, insane.

Eventually we discovered in the Ebola crisis that our government was equipped to protect us, to utilize its capabilities to separate fact from fiction and keep those who could cause us harm from entering our midst.

These 10,000 Syrian refugees who we, in the course of exhibiting our morality and compassion,  are expected to welcome upon our soil in 2016, are they really not to be vetted? All evidence would suggest to the contrary, but if you give in to the ever louder voices of panic and hatred, you do not hear the words of reason.

Like Governor Christie and Kaci Hickox, you quarantine, you exclude, because, well, you can. As of the latest count, 31 governors had joined in the hue and cry to demonize those whom the Federal government would allow upon our shores.

Panic plays easily in these moments. This is not prudence, as Paul Ryan would suggest. Or caution, as the  position of Mr. Bush to exclude non-Christians would demand. There is no rational basis to support the policies being proffered today. But common sense has no place at this table.

Are we keeping all Belgians from walking among us? Didn't the masterminds of the Paris attacks reside there? 

Ebola is thankfully under control. Those who listened to proven science and discarded frantic fictions, were shown to be correct. Our mass hysteria  on that matter appears ridiculous in retrospect. Much like history will likely treat the sounds of nonsense that proliferate on the Syrian refugee issue. 

Insane, to borrow the word from Mr. Trump.


Anonymous said...

well said...of course. PB

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like panic to produce insanity... and political points! Perhaps we need to keep our heads and deal with this rationally. Just a thought...

It would be nice to keep some of our humanity and compassion in this process and not flush it ALL down the toilet because the world is a risky place. News Flash! The world has always been a risky place... 'twas ever thus.