Friday, November 20, 2015

Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Wall

("More Mexican Immigrants Leaving U.S. Then Entering, Report Finds")

"Mr. Trump, tear down this wall."

Thankfully, President Trump will not have to spend his time and energy or our money in keeping "illegals" out of our country. They are leaving of their own accord.

If anyone has been paying attention, despite the pumped up rhetoric, there has been no crisis for many years concerning mass immigration from Mexico. Our lower paying jobs have not been in ready supply, as Republican led efforts to keep Federal coffers dry has translated into a paucity of employment in infrastructure rebuilding and many other industries.

Mr. Romney's  2012 stated wish to make life so inhospitable for Mexicans that they would self deport has proven prescient. Our national obsession with castigating "others", the vast majority of whom are law abiding, seeking nothing more than opportunity for a better life, has been an unbridled "success."

With the recent hyperbolic response regarding millions of Syrian refugees clearly leaving their war torn country to infiltrate into the US for purposes of jihad, our national conversation has reached an alarmingly new low. We have become a country closing its borders and withdrawing its outstretched arms to those whose lives are lived in grave desperation. We are turning a deaf ear to the cries of the many as we symbolically tell the world to stay off our grass.

When those who seek the welcoming embrace of Lady Liberty decide to walk out of this country and not in, we should examine what we have become.

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