Monday, November 9, 2015

The Messengers of Death

Maybe it all does fit on the front of Mr. Trump's hat. The despair, the anger, the resentment that the American dream has disappeared. It is the illegals, the left wing, the media, the 1%, the Democrats who have all conspired to take away the hope and belief in a better tomorrow.

For those in the Bible belt, for those on the right, there has been a constant drum beat of negativity. From Rush Limbaugh and the other talking heads to the leaders of their political party, they have been indoctrinated in the belief that their lives don't matter, that they are the forgotten, the betrayed.

Why have they clamored in such large numbers to the most bizarre of Presidential candidates, the ones who spout such hateful speech and convey nothing which resembles an understanding of what it takes to run this nation? Is it because they have become so desperate in their own hearts and minds? There would be seem to be correlation between the rising death toll of white middle Americans and the rise of Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson. 

Mr. Krugman concludes with the assertion that answers to this problem are seemingly elusive. It is the narrative not only of these unhappy lives but of the Republican party that is at the center of this tragedy. Until the leaders stop their constant harangue about how all is lost, how the sky really is falling, this epidemic in the heart of our country, in the head of our country, is likely to continue to manifest.

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