Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bloviator In Chief

Donald Trump is above all else, a self absorbed, self indulgent, self righteous bloviator. A man whose only principle is self promotion.

To label him a Fascist is to give him credit for a coherent political philosophy where none exists. He has an unrivaled capacity to play us, from his "You're fired" proclamations to demonstrate his business gravitas, to his creation of a birther "controversy" to inflame prejudices against a President with an uncomfortable sounding name, to his building of emotional and physical walls to keep the "other" from further reshaping our damaged landscape. He is an absolute master at finding our inner proclivities and showing them the light of day through his harangues and rants.

But he is no more Fascist than he is Democrat. He is, and will forever be only an opportunist. This does not make him less a threat, or a danger, as he will wander wherever opportunity best lies. And if it takes him down some ugly and incendiary paths so be it.

Donald Trump is a Donald Trumpist, no more and no less. And that in itself is certainly more than enough to cause considerable damage.


Anonymous said...

Well done!!


Anonymous said...

Good piece