Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Whether Don King, Al Sharpton, Russell Simmons, Mike Tyson or any other black person who has come within Mr. Trump's orbit is conflicted in his feelings about an erstwhile friend is of absolutely no moment. It is wrong of the New York Times to go down this path, as if to create ambiguity or uncertainty in what our eyes and ears inform us.

Mr. Trump's monologue with this nation is clear and demonstrative. His words are self explanatory.  Your front page examination softens the tone and intent of the viciousness to which we have been continuously exposed.  Don King  would suggest that Mr. Trump is "merely misunderstood".

That concluding comment to the piece serves as indictment for your paper. One of the most significant errors media can make is to give weight or substance to ludicrous debates (eg whether climate warming is "real"). Mr. Trump is what he shows himself to be, an outrageous exaggeration, a hate mongering, fear inducing misstatement of a candidate. There is and should be no cover, celebrity or otherwise, for him.

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