Monday, December 7, 2015

The Master Race

These are people  who "believe only in jihad... who show no respect for human life." With the call to ban the entry of all Muslims into the US, Donald Trump reminds us with each passing day, each escalating insult, each dehumanizing tirade, of the blackest of moments of the 20th century.

No one should lightly compare the words of Hitler to another, but are there not echoes of the master race in the call of Mr. Trump to cleanse us of our "illegals", to shield us from the evils of Islam? While he does not speak, as Hitler did of a master race shed of all its weaknesses, the Jews, the gypsies, those with physical or mental disabilities, there is in Trump's every inflammatory remark a demand to make us great again by eradicating anything that makes us weak or vulnerable. He will bomb the hell out of enemies, he will paint them with the same brush that Hitler used to categorize the "subhumans". He will call for his followers to abandon all logic, all basic human decency, all compassion and instead lead them into action in contravention of the most fundamental precepts of this nation, and of any moral society.

Do we not have the courage to call Mr. Trump what he is, to demand that others denounce him, to address the danger that he creates? One wonders what those in Germany in the early days of the Fuhrer must have been contemplating when they listened to the tirades against the "enemies of the state". And one wonders why we in the United States can't imagine the unimaginable consequences should Mr. Trump wear the emperor's crown in November of next year.

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