Friday, December 25, 2015

The True Story of the Night Before Christmas

It was days after Chanukah and all through the house there was nary a present, not even a blouse.

The jackets were hung by the fireplace that night in hopes that by morning they would dry right

The children were grown and in their own beds, while visions of their homes danced in my head

My wife in her tee shirt and me in my shorts, for sure she would soon be hearing my snores

When outside my window I heard much chatter and cursed to the sound of much pitter patter

I peered out prepared for what I don't know, maybe some kids playing in snow

The moon it was full, the stars were so bright, and I was much startled by what was in sight

There was this old man full white of beard surrounded by what sure looked like reindeer

I'm Jewish I thought this must be a dream, that can't be Santa with his full team

But up to the heavens they started to climb. He called their names as if in a rhyme

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and more. Comet and Cupid and Donner for sure.

Blitzen, he cried, and with that they neared. To my window they flew but I had no fear.

They were all there, jolly man in tow, and within a moment it had started to snow

Then in an instant down my chimney he came, for certain I thought he did not know my name

I ran down the stairs to greet the old man, to look in his face and shake his hand

A bundle of toys, a very large sack, he drew something out from within his pack

He was so happy, and oh so merry. He said he was sorry but he could not tarry.

His face was aglow, all reddened and bright. Much work to be done he said on this night.

I asked if he actually knew who I was, being Jewish I said to old Santa Claus.

Sure he replied but this day is for all, young and old, big and small

It is in your heart that Christmas lives, for those who are good presents I give

And with that he was gone, his sleigh in the sky and I was left with a tear in my eye

So for all who believe in treating every man right, Happy Holidays to you and to all a good night.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Inspired by Donald Trump


Robert said...

Inspired by and Donald Trump should never be together in the same sentence.


Anonymous said...

Ha. Love it


Anonymous said...

cute poem


Anonymous said...

wonderful tale,


Anonymous said...

An absolute delight! Thank you so much!
It is a tale for all....
And Happy Holidays to you and yours:)

Anonymous said...

Very clever! Who knew there'd be a Christmas poems for the Jews? This is great.


Anonymous said...

Love this poem.


Anonymous said...

Made me smile! I believe


Anonymous said...

Very sweet. You really have talent.