Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Ultimate Winner of the Apprentice

("Donald Trump's Apprenticeship")

Mr. Trump's world is not divided by those who are for or against him, but rather by those who are winners and losers. And, like in "The Apprentice", Mr. Trump teaches us to love winners and hate losers.

How many references are there on a weekly basis denigrating others who he portrays as weak, vulnerable, ugly? From the Mexicans coming across the borders to his political opponents (Carly Fiorina's face, John McCain's capture by the enemy, Jeb Bush's lack of energy?) Everyone except for Mr. Trump is deeply flawed and thus only worthy of being demonized and destroyed.

And who does he choose as a winner? Vladimir Putin has been singled out by Mr. Trump for his strength of character. Forget what he has done in Ukraine, don't pay attention to his continuing support for Assad. It is not important the lives he has ended, but what counts is his fixed and forceful determination and rhetoric. They surely are engaged in a little bromance.

Mr. Trump intends to fire the opposition, first those in his party of choice (not for its ideology, for he has none beyond promoting his own brand) and then Ms. Clinton. He pretends that he remains forever in his tv boardroom giving life or death as he, the greatest winner of them all, decrees. And then he will be the last man standing, the winner of this year's version of "The Apprentice" where he serves as both master and contestant.


Anonymous said...

Well said!


Anonymous said...


That’s good, very good.

(But, to give the Devil his due, wouldn’t we have to admit Jeb’s campaign could benefit from a tad more enthusiasm?)


Anonymous said...

Love it