Friday, January 22, 2016

Make America Grate Again

("Donald Trump or Ted Cruz: Republicans Argue Over Who Is Greater Threat")

Dear Mr. Trump: 

Remember when you said you would run as an independent, before you said you wouldn't? Remember you talked about respect from your party?

Well, now is the time to make a preemptive strike. We know your pledge of unfettered loyalty was only made under duress, when they held a second Amendment gun to your head. Now, some "true conservatives" are plotting against you, like so many Brutus to your Caesar. They want to make you look dangerous to the future of the party.

Now is the time to run, not for the Republican nomination but for the exit. Build that Mexican wall between you and those who would plot your demise. Embrace the independents, for what are you in truth but your own man not fealty bound to frenemies, not tied to party platform but only to the world according to Trump. Not now, or ever, compelled to be politically correct.

Donald Trump, a very independent candidate for President. It is who you are.

Your true friends (the Democrats)

PS - I have the perfect campaign slogan for you already : "Make America Grate Again"

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Bruce said...

This is the most remarkable marketing scheme in world history. An heir to a billion dollar real estate empire takes control of his father’s estate, builds it up more, becomes a TV star and then runs for president. He leads the polls of Republican voters in Iowa; does well elsewhere; then, gets us to pay close attention to his every move, word and gesture. He entertains promotions of fascism, authoritarianism and even Nazism !! He threatens to undo the Republican party, and much worse, become the first idiot president in our history.

I cannot and will not believe that Americans are that stupid to even come close to electing Trump to the presidency. It is not an entry-level government position.

However, Americans are, by and large, getting stupider. It’s the marketing that has gotten them to eat high calorie diets of pizza, donuts and beer, making them fat, indolent and lazy. In turn they watch hours of television filled with mind-numbing shows with no shelf life, during which advertisements are aired that extol physcial beauty that can only come from good genes, healthy living, a good diet, an absence of alcohol and a lot of exercise, all of which is the exact opposite of what most Americans have become.

It's all connected--TV ads lead to bad eating, which lead to obesity, which lead to stupidity and anger, which lead to a bizarre infatuation with an insult-comic like Trump.

Americans have betrayed themselves by believing in the efforts by the big TV advertisers who ask that their products be used as a crutch, a friend and a cure. Blaming government comes naturally, because it stands in the way of their addiction. No wonder why so many Americans feel the need to be armed with guns to shoot and kill all of the imaginary demons that lurk around every corner.

A malignant virus has fallen upon our nation and it can only be neutralized when people start relying upon education, reading and non-propaganda, again. This is unlikely because the press, which has been a defense against tyranny is being bought up by the billionaires who wish to control our lives.

So along comes a skilled marketer like Trump who exploits the whole, big mess by offering himself as the cure-all for everyone’s doubts and problems. He is a billionaire who got to his lofty perch by inheriting wealth that he did little to work for.

And, the racist spew that defines his profile will not go away quickly. His words linger like a foul cooking odor and re-kindle hatred which had been previously buried like dioxins at the bottom of the river.

No, I cannot believe that Americans are that stupid as of yet.