Thursday, January 28, 2016

New York, New York

("For Bloomberg, Ambition Vies with Caution")

For a country which seems so disenchanted with New York and all its implications from Wall Street abuses to enormous income disparity to cultural snobbishness it is more than a little ironic that this election could be a contest among three New Yorkers of great (Clinton) or enormous (Trump and Bloomberg) wealth and a gaping chasm of distance in so many ways from so many voters.

While the attempt of Mr. Cruz to disparage Mr. Trump with his "New York" comment fared poorly due to Mr. Trump's Rudy Guiliani like response, there is indeed a wide held perception that this city is at the heart of what ails this nation. And should Mr. Bloomberg throw his large, three termed ego into the ring, we would face a choice of former senator, former mayor or once and forever self proclaimed real estate king of this city and of this state.

It would be the clash of the titans of industry and politics, the largest of the large figures to emerge from within the boiling cauldron that is New York. While nothing is clear at present, as Ms. Clinton tries to fend off Mr. Sanders, Mr. Trump and his empty chair battle Mr. Cruz, and Mr. Bloomberg does a Bill Clinton like triangulation, there is the delicious possibility of a New York centric summer in this nation.

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Michael Gansl said...

Since the 1970's New York City seems to always be blamed for the country's woes.
However,as NYC has continued to address its issues, the rest of American cities and suburbs who thought they would never have NYC type issues, are struggling more than ever.
Yet, It's always nice for the right to blame NYC for what's wrong with the country.
Ironic isn't it?